Protecting baby from microplastics with merino wool

Keeping your little one happy and healthy starts with knowing how you can reduce their everyday exposure to microplastic particles.

Microplastics are not only becoming a green issue, as people are also exposed to thousands of tiny plastic particles in the home every day with newborns and babies most at risk. 

One effective way of reducing the amount of microplastics in the home is to avoid synthetic materials, including in your baby’s clothing and toys.

Experts recommend opting for natural fibres like merino wool instead, which help to protect baby and Mama Earth!  Here’s why...

Baby in cot with Merino Kids toy

What are microplastics?

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic that can be found all around us. They are usually plastic particles that measure less than five millimetres. 

Most microplastics form when larger plastic waste breaks apart over time and fragment into smaller pieces. This can be caused from something as simple as washing synthetic clothes in your washing machine. 

Why are microplastics harmful to babies?

As well as being harmful to the environment, microplastics also pose a threat to our little ones. One study found that a 1-year-old can ingest up to 20 times more microplastics than an adult. 

Ingesting any kind of microplastics is very bad for your little one because they often contain harmful additives and chemicals. Many studies have confirmed the chemicals leaked from microplastics to be toxic to humans, especially babies. 

Why are babies more exposed to microplastics?

Research suggests that babies mouthing behaviours are the cause of higher levels of microplastic ingestion. 

Teething and sucking on polyester and plastic toys, clothes and teethers all contribute to the shedding and increased ingestion of microplastics.

Baby with Merino kids Merino Wool toy

How can you reduce microplastics with merino wool?

There is one simple solution to help keep your baby protected from microplastics while preventing further damage to the planet. It's simple, to surround your little one with natural materials. 

Merino wool is nature’s wonder fabric for so many reasons, including being naturally non-toxic and biodegradable.

Merino wool has long been heralded the original eco fibre and, thanks to research from The Woolmark Company, it has been confirmed that it does not contribute to the issue of microplastics. 

Even after washing, non-toxic fibres shed by merino wool biodegrades more than 3 times faster than synthetic fabrics. This helps to save our planet and safeguard the little ones we love most.

Baby sleeping in Merino wool

More from merino wool

It’s not just combatting microplastics that merino wool is celebrated for. There’s a whole host of other amazing benefits that it offers such as natural temperature regulation, plus it's hypoallergenic and super soft, making it perfect on baby’s skin.  

It’s why so many parents and little ones alike have fallen in love with this remarkable fabric.