Merino Kids - Leading on ethical wool sourcing

Here at Merino Kids, we’re proud of being an international award-winning merino wool brand. Our New Zealand roots mean that we’re especially pleased to offer the world’s best 100% natural fibres that are sourced ethically from New Zealand and Australia. 

Since 2003, we've been setting the standard for quality sleep solutions by creating and pioneering the infant sleeping bag category. Our famous Go Go Sleeping Bag® revolutionised healthy and ethical merino products, so no matter where you are in this world – your little one can get a peaceful night's rest.

We're proud to use socially responsible practices when making our products.  From manufacturing all the way through to deliver, we ensure that families receive safe items which promote better sleep for their young ones and care for Mama Earth in the process.

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So what is merino wool?

Merino wool offers a unique combination of breathability, warmth and softness against the skin.

Hailing from the Merino breed of sheep, it's native to Australia and New Zealand but found worldwide - with centuries devoted to perfecting its remarkable properties.

Particularly sought after by parents for their little one due to its adaptive qualities; merino fabric is revered for its ability to wick moisture away from babies' delicate skin while also releasing body heat in order maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.

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What makes our wool ethical?

Humane practices

We take pride in our ethical wool production, which guarantees that the sheep providing us with their precious fleece are well taken care of. 

This includes providing adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinary care, as well as not subjecting the sheep to cruel practices such as mulesing (removing skin from the sheep's hindquarters to prevent fly strike).

Sustainable farming

We are also advocates of using sustainable farming practices that minimise the impact on the environment. This can include practices such as regenerative agriculture. This is the practice of building soil health, improving biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.

Sustainability is also a subject close to our hearts and making sure that Merino flocks are farmed sustainably is essential to being able to ethically produce more for generations to come. There's a lot to be said for seeking out ethically-sourced products, but to ensure the future of them too is high on our list of priorities.

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No exploitation

Ethical merino wool producers also prioritise the welfare of their workers, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. This includes ensuring that workers are not subjected to exploitation or forced labour.

To be part of a system that rewards rather than exploits its own work force is something to strive for.

What can you do to help?

When trying to shop ethically, look for sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as merino wool.

If you're looking for other styles of sleepwear, then choose ones made from natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp, which are grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides. Also, opt for clothes made from recycled materials such as polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

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You should also aim to buy quality over quantity. Instead of buying lots of cheap, low-quality clothes that you will only wear once or twice, invest in high-quality clothes that will last longer. High-quality clothes can be repaired, re-worn, and resold, which means less waste and less impact on the environment.

You can also do you bit by choosing ethical brands. With some simple research you can find out which brands are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, like us for example. Ask yourself do I know if they pay fair wages to workers or have they shared real aims to reducing their carbon footprint?

To help you identify businesses that produce ethically, make sure to look for certifications such as Fairtrade, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and B-Corp and you'll be all set to shop with peace of mind!

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