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Baby sleeping bags are now a staple part of most parents bed time routine for their little one, with the Go Go sleeping bag from Merino Kids being a popular and trusted choice.

But what makes the Merino Kids Go Go sleeping bags so brilliant and a continued firm favourite with parents? To help you navigate the world of sleeping bags and decide if the Go Go is the sleeping bag for you, we’ve placed the spotlight on its key features and benefits.

But first, what is a sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag is essentially an all in one wearable blanket. They have arm holes to keep the sleeping bag on your little one, with poppers at the top and often a zip opening round the side or down the middle. Sleeping bags are designed to make choosing what you put your baby in for sleeping simpler, taking away some of the safety and temperature concerns of bedtime.

Learn more about Merino Kids Sleeping Bag

What are the benefits of a sleeping bag?

Safer sleep

Sleeping bags help to create a safer sleeping environment for your little one. Babies love a little wriggle and a kick during the night which can be an issue if you are using loose covers or blankets. Sleeping bags stay on your little one as they sleep and keeps their legs tucked in. This means their covers will stay on all night to prevent them from getting chilly, as well as reducing the risk of covers riding up over baby’s head.

Keeps them covered

The wearable bag means your little one won't be able to kick off their blankets and wake up cold, equally it will prevent them from overheating and being covered by too many layers. This means your little one will always have just the right amount of layers and covers on them as they sleep.

Create a good sleep routine

Sleeping bags provide a familiar sleeping environment for your little one. An evening routine can be established as they’ll (hopefully) associate winding down and sleeping with being placed into their sleeping bag, even if it’s for story time on the sofa or bedroom floor. They will start to associate the sleeping bag with bedtime.

Why should you choose the Merino Kids Go Go sleeping bag?

The Go Go bag was born in 2003 after Amie Nilsson’s, Merino Kids Founder, had her first child and discovered the market was saturated with sleeping products made from synthetic and unsuitable materials. It continues to be a market leader for parents looking for a safe, high quality sleeping bag made from natural materials.

The unparalleled award winning design and materials used in Merino Kids Go Go Bag makes them a firm favorite among parents. It has been designed with your child’s safety and comfort in mind. From tip to toe, there’s nothing synthetic involved - it’s all about soft, natural fibers and breathable materials.

Learn more about Merino Kids Sleeping Bag

Natural Materials

All of our sleeping bags are made from 100% natural and sustainable materials. Our sleeping bags consist of superfine Merino lining and one layer of organic cotton outer. Merino wool is a powerhouse natural material that has a whole host of amazing high-performance benefits for your little one that makes it the ideal material to create the perfect sleeping environment for young children. 

Regulate temperature

Arguably the most important benefit of Merino wool in our sleeping bags is that it has this unique ability to regulate your little ones temperature. Until the age of around 18months your little one is unable to regulate their temperature themselves, so Merino Kids sleeping bags helps to do that for them. Merino is one of the safest fibres for your child to wear as it keeps them at the right temperature. The Merino wool is extremely breathable and draws any moisture away from their body to help create the perfect micro environment around the skin helping to ensure young children and babies are perfectly adapted to their sleeping environments.

No need for multiple sleeping bags

This unique ability also means you can use the same sleeping bag all year round meaning there is no need for multiple sleeping bags for when the seasons change. Your Merino Kids Go Go sleeping bag can adapt and keep your little one at the perfect temperature all year.

Grows with your little one

The Go Go sleeping bag is designed to grow with your child and adapt to their changing needs with the handy addition of under arm poppers allowing for growth. This useful feature means the product can be used from when your baby is a teeny tiny newborn all the way through to toddler stage. The Go Go sleeping bag comes in 2 different size categories, Baby (0-2 years) and Toddler (2-4 Years).

Merino Kids sleeping bag

Handy features

Merino Kids have even thought of the little things. We have included some handy features that are all here to make day to day life with your little one just that little bit easier. For example, our sleeping bags have the genius addition of a zip at the bottom so the sleeping bags can be opened out completely flat allowing for easy peasy night time nappy changes without having to take the sleeping bag off your little one.

We have also made the Go Go sleeping bags perfect for travelling with. We have included a unique travel vent for buckles and straps to allow for easy transfer from car seat or buggy, straight into their cot or bed.

Award winning

It’s not just us that think our sleeping bags are brilliant. They are also award winning! We were recently proud to scoop gold at The Baby Awards with the Go Go sleeping bags winning in the “Best Sleeping Product” category. We also won silver for best “Baby and Child sleepwear brand” at the MadeForMums Awards.

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