Introducing the new Merino Kids website

We all want the best for our little ones. We want them to be comfortable, safe, and secure, especially when they’re sleeping.

At Merino Kids, we understand this and it's why we have been creating only the highest-quality sleepwear, all made from natural fibres since 2003. Our mission has remained unchanged since day one; to create comfortable and luxurious sleepwear to help parents sleep just as well knowing their little ones are cocooned in only nature's finest materials.

So, we are excited to announce that our website received a touch of love recently, to help us stay true to our mission while also providing an easier way for shoppers to find the perfect sleepwear for little ones.

same mission, new website

Who are Merino Kids?

For those who are new here, Merino Kids is a New Zealand-based company which has been designing premium sleepwear for little ones for nearly 20 years.  At Merino Kids, our mission is to combine comfort, safety, and style all in one thanks to nature's wonder fabric which is merino wool. 

Why merino wool?

Merino wool is one of the most natural and sustainable materials used in garments today. It’s lightweight yet warm, very breathable, and naturally odour-resistant.

We love merino wool as, thanks to the natural properties of this super soft fabric, it also helps keep your little one's temperature regulated and without irritation so that they stay comfortable even if room temperature fluctuates.

Plus, merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial and stain resistant so it doesn’t need much care or maintenance; simply air dry after the occasional wash and you’re good to go. This also makes it perfect for any busy parent and eco-conscious shopper as it reduces energy usage on washing, drying and microplastics which can shed from other synthetic alternatives.

Here at Merino Kids, we use only 200gsm merino wool - the softest of wool fibres. While we adore merino wool, we are making sure to offer it to as many parents and their little ones and in the best way possible. Here's how our new website is helping us achieve this...

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Our new website

We love sharing our story and mission with our customers but now thanks to our new website, it's easier than ever to bring the magic of merino to your screen.

The all-new Merino Kids website allows parents to easily shop our range of premium products with better filters that make finding what you’re looking for a breeze. With simplified navigation and categories such as age, size and even seasonality, it has never been easier to find the perfect sleeping bag, pyjamas or swaddle wrap for your little one. 

Our new home page displays everything you need to know to shop Merino Kids, including our parent tested reviews, helpful blogs and all promotions. Thanks to our easy-to-use homepage and in our stunning new branding, we've designed the website to help finding the right product for your little one, simple.

Our new website encapsulates the real life precious moments spent with a little one. We want families and gifters to be inspired by the Merino Kids range which is why with branded content combined with our stunning new photography, it's how we're continuing to spread the word on why we love merino wool.

However, if you're yet to experience the wonders of our merino, let's recap on why Merino Kids should be your sleepwear of choice this new year and beyond...

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Merino Kids' Quality

At Merino Kids, we know parents want their little ones dressed in the best quality clothes so that they last for years to come and offer comfort without wear or tear. That's why Merino Kids sleepwear is designed with only the highest quality fabrics which are both eco-friendly, soft on your child's skin, and durable enough to last through many washes as wool doesn't shed microplastics.

Merino Kids use only organic dyes so there are no harsh chemicals used on any of our products too. Plus, each piece of clothing is made with love in New Zealand using ethical labor practices so you can rest assured each garment is infused with love.

Safety First

Your little one's safety always comes first when it comes to sleepwear. That's why Merino Kids only use fire-retardant fabric that meets strict international standards for flame resistance and chemical content limits.

All of our sleepwear pieces are tested regularly to ensure that they meet these standards before joining the collection.

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New year, new sleepwear

If you love the sound of Merino Kids' gorgeous range of sleeping bags, pyjamas and much more, why not invest in these timeless pieces of sleepwear to start the new year right - in ultimate cosy comfort...


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