Celebrating Wool Week

Every year, Wool Week presents the perfect opportunity to appreciate the powerhouse fabric that is merino wool.  

You don’t need to be a wool enthusiast to appreciate merino. It offers a myriad of natural properties that cocoon your little one in the softest, most premium of environments while being kind to mother earth. It makes it irresistible to love.

That's why this Wool Week we’re offering more parents the opportunity to experience this wonderful fabric with their own little one as you can shop and save 15% on our entire full priced collection…

Celebrating Wool Week

What is wool week?

Wool Week in the UK is an annual event that celebrates the versatility and sustainability of wool as a natural fibre. It is organised by The Campaign for Wool, an initiative launched in 2010 by HRH The Prince of Wales. Wool Week typically takes place in October and consists of various activities and events that showcase the benefits of wool, including its use in fashion, textiles, and interiors.

During Wool Week, you can expect to find exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows, and educational initiatives that highlight the environmental and practical advantages of wool. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of wool in various industries and encourages consumers to choose wool products as a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials.

Why wool matters?

Although wool is sometimes an overlooked planet-friendly fibre, we’re helping to change this. Along with our fellow wool supporters, we want to highlight wool’s natural eco properties, including its biodegradability, along with circular economy, and reductions in carbon methane emissions. 

Celebrating Wool Week 2

Why merino wool?

We especially love merino wool as it’s considered the softest, finest wool fabric in the world. It’s not just this that makes it perfect for baby, we praise merino wool as it’s also naturally temperature regulating, flame retardant, odour, stain, and water resistant, naturally hypoallergenic and elastic.

More importantly, wool is a superb sustainable fabric, as not only does it biodegrade in soil, adding nutrients back to the earth, but it also biodegrades in the ocean and water. It means that choosing wool will help to safeguard the planet for future generations from microfibre and plastic pollution.

Celebrating Wool Week 3

Merino magic

We know that merino wool often sounds too good to be true which is why we love hearing from real parents about how amazing this material truly is. Here are some of the honest testimonials shared by our Merino Kids customers:

 “I couldn’t seem to get his temperature right before… This sleeping bag has given me absolute peace of mind, he’s sleeping better at the right temperature and I’m sleeping better not only because he’s sleeping better but also because I’m less on edge constantly waking up to add and remove layers trying to get his temperature just right! The bag is also beautiful, light and easy to use!”

- Jennifer

“It’s a great product. So soft and I love how it’s got linen on top to make it more durable… with the linen to protect the merino, I feel so much better that this product will last a long time. My youngest used to sweat in normal sleep bag even on cold nights and it was always hard to pick the correct clothes for layering but with this sleeping bag she hasn’t sweated once yet. I’m very pleased.”

- Lija

Snuggle and save

As a premium fabric with so many wonderful properties, merino wool is typically more expensive than many synthetic fibres. However, the good news is this week you can save 15% on everything full price at Merino Kids! Perfect as the colder autumn night’s draw in and snuggle time is under way…

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