Benefits of merino wool for breastfeeding

It’s not just our little ones who can benefit from the wonderful properties of merino wool, you can also enjoy them too mama.

Whether you’ve chosen to breastfeed or love skin to skin contact when bottle feeding, you’ll find that our gorgeous Mama Wrap made with 100% superfine merino wool is the perfect nursing and feeding accessory.

How so – you ask? Let us explain...

Benefits of merino wool for breastfeeding

Why is merino wool great for breastfeeding?

If you're like us and have fallen in love with merino wool when it comes to your little bundle of joy, it probably won't come as a surprise to know that it can be adored for so many more reasons!

Here's why the benefits of merino wool make it a great essential for your breastfeeding wardrobe:

Natural temperature regulation

Merino wool, derived from the coat of Merino sheep is a magnificent insulator hence why it’s been the fabric of choice for baby feeding, long before synthetic materials were even created.

That’s because, not only does merino wool retain warmth but it can also help to keep cool thanks to a process known as “heat of sorption”. This process means that the fibres of merino wool naturally absorb and release moisture.

As the moisture from the skin evaporates onto the fabric it pulls warmth away from the skin, known as moisture-wicking, which leaves you cool and dry. While in cooler environments, it extracts the moisture from the air and these tiny pockets of trapped air, warm and provide insulation.

It means that our Mama Wrap is the perfect all season feeding accessory. It allows you to express easily without the need to manoeuvre awkward layers of clothing on cooler days, yet it still feels lovely to wear when you’re warm as well. This type of fabric is perfect for nursing mothers for all sorts of reasons, but this aspect gives excellent peace of mind.

Benefits of merino wool for breastfeeding 2


Thanks to its moisture wicking properties, our super soft, superfine merino wool is an ultra-comfortable fabric to wear.

Its ability to “breathe” means that merino wool creates the ideal climate for you and baby. This is especially perfect for feeding time, whereby skin-to-skin contact can naturally create you and your little one’s temperature to rise and result in an increase in perspiration. 


Less moisture creates a safer feeding environment as it prevents bacteria growth that thrive in warm, damp places in areas where we typically sweat.

Combined with merino wool's natural wax layer, lanolin, it eliminates bacteria that produces odour, making your garment cleaner and leaving it feeling and smelling fresh.

This is a superb feature to have when feeding because naturally, there can be a few spills and dribbles that make its way onto clothing. So, reducing the need to wash or potentially dispose of due to unpleasant odours is kinder to our noses, the planet and the pennies.

Benefits of merino wool for breastfeeding 3


The misconception of wool - generally - is that it can be a little itchy on the skin. Some wools come from sheep with a course and thick coat which can make the fibres large and rigid. Merino wool isn't like this as its fibres have a smaller diameter.

The smaller the fibres of a fabric, the softer it becomes, so our superfine, 200gsm merino wool is both completely soft on skin and prevents irritation. This makes it great for use during feeding time when mama typically won't have any hands free to satisfy an itch!


Merino wool has an amazing, natural structure that makes it incredibly elastic and prevents it from wear and tear.

Not only that but wool fibres are predominantly made from keratin – the same protein that is found in hair and nails which is extremely hard-wearing compared to synthetic fabrics.

The interlocking structure allows merino wool to stretch and bend in all directions thousands of times without affecting the shape of the garment too. It makes the Mama Wrap perfect for stretching and wrapping over baby or breast for ultimate discretion.

Benefits of merino wool for breastfeeding 4


Merino wool can be machine washed multiple times without shedding, which is great for the more eco-conscious parent concerned about microplastic pollution.

Better yet, the need to wash is reduced thanks to its antimicrobial and odour-resistant qualities that helps to save on energy. Likewise, merino wool doesn’t need to be tumble dried since it’s quick drying microfibres quicken the process.

Despite its durability, merino wool, as a natural fibre, is renewable and biodegradable. This proves in shopping merino for your wardrobe, you’re choosing best for you, baby and the planet...

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