About the brand

Merino Kids™ is an international award-winning textile company from New Zealand that specialises in using 100% natural fibres, for the design of newborn, baby, infant and toddler sleepwear. The company was founded by Amie Nilsson in 2003 and since that time has grown significantly to now become one of the global leaders and commentators of using natural fibres for young children.

“When I first started Merino Kids back in 2003, it was born out of necessity for my first daughter Lily. As a mother researching the availability of baby, infant and toddler sleepwear products I was shocked at the number of synthetic products that were flooding the market. More so I was dismayed at the size and state of the unregulated global industry. Using my background in textile design and my knowledge of merino as a 100% natural wonder fibre, I decided to make a difference.”

Our mission at Merino Kids™ is to make a difference to the lives of all families with young children. We want parents and care givers to feel good about the choices that they make. We are passionate about bringing you only the safest, functional yet innovative and beautiful products, made from only nature’s best 100% natural materials.

Amie Nilsson is an internationally recognised designer, specialising in the design of 100% natural products to promote the health and vitality of babies and toddlers. Her first product, the Go Go Bag™ was created for her daughter Lily in 2003. When Lily kept waking up cold in the night after wriggling out of her blankets, and Amie's search for natural products uncovered no natural solutions, Amie decided to take matters into her own hands. Merino Kids™ was born.

Amie uses fresh innovative ideas based upon respect for nature.

“We use 100% natural materials to create finer, safer garments that insulate and breathe better in both hot and cold environments, ensuring young children and babies are perfectly adapted to their sleeping environments.”

These values now run across a range of products designed to make a difference to the lives of families with young children. Their success is proven and global demand for the award-winning designs is growing daily.