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Cocooi Gown - Raspberry

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The 100% natural merino Cocooi sleeping gown in Raspberry, designed specifically for newborn babies. The elastic pouch feature makes dressing and changing your newborn easier than with any other gown or snap system.

The superfine soft merino fabric is allergy-safe and able to absorb and remove moisture creating a perfect temperature and micro-climate around your baby's body. With its natural merino fabric, the Cocooi Newborn Baby Gown also reduces the SIDS risk of overheating. Perfect for your newborn to wear when swaddled in the Cocooi Babywrap or inside a Cocooi Newborn Sleep Bag.

Key Features:
  • All season versatility
  • Perfect natural merino gown for newborn babies
  • Made from 100% natural soft allergy-safe merino wool
  • Ideal for baby to wear while swaddled in the Cocooi Babywrap
  • Safety mittens fold over hands to protect baby from scratching
  • Naturally low fire risk compared to cotton and synthetic fabrics
  • Merino regulates body temperature so baby won't overheat or wake up cold
  • Cross-over neckline so fabric stays clear of baby’s face when they twist and turn
  • Pouch bottom for easy access to dress baby and change nappy... no fiddly buttons, ties or domes
  • Machine washable
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