Eco-friendly Christmas gifting

Eco-friendly Christmas gifting

At Christmas time it’s easy to get wrapped in the festivities of presents and partying however, the festive season has always been a big producer of waste.

At Merino Kids, we want everyone to have the best Christmas without paying the price on the environment. From eco-friendly packaging to naturally sourced materials, the Merino Kids range is the perfect gift for a green Christmas

Eco-friendly Christmas gifting

Solving the problem…

One of the biggest contributors to waste is from plastic pollution. We may not realise but even the clothes we wear shed micro-plastics in every wash. These micro-plastics are then dispensed from our washing machines and into our oceans, building up and harming marine environments. 

Merino wool is the perfect solution to minimising plastic pollution this Christmas. It’s biodegradable, renewable, and organic.  Experts have confirmed that due to the properties of merino wool, there is less need to wash these garments as frequently as other, less environmentally friendly alternatives.

Naturally odour and stain resistant, merino wool is recommended to be washed at low temperatures, or merely hung in open air to freshen, meaning less water, energy and micro-plastics are generated. This fabric has taken the fashion industry by storm, and with its sustainability benefits and high-quality composition, it’s no secret why. 

Eco-friendly Christmas gifting

Sustainably Sourced

Made with 100% natural fibres, our merino wool is super soft with 200gsm thickness for optimum comfort. The natural properties of merino wool create the perfect micro-climate for your baby, evolved from the natural insulation of merino sheep; famed for their fine, soft wool and their ability to thrive in extreme climates.

Raising sheep does have its carbon footprint as these animals do produce greenhouse gas emissions. However, if Merino sheep are raised on farms with regenerative agriculture practices, they can actually make the soil healthier while producing this sustainable fibre.

Merino Kids Sustainably Sourced


If you’re looking to be a conscious shopper this Christmas, gifting presents that have long life cycles is a good way to become one. For high-quality, durable basics made from organically-sourced material merino wool is the perfect tool to reuse and recycle.

As a precious raw material, wool is often collected by recycling companies too, so in years to come, the gift can be repurposed into something else, including ‘shoddy’ which is often used in mattresses, insulation or felt blankets. 

Merino wool is also biodegradable and decomposes readily, much like cotton and other plant-based fibres. That means once a woollen garment is worn out, you can bury it in the ground, and it will eventually compost. If you decide to throw this wool away, it’ll take about a year to disappear in the ground however, because merino is completely biodegradable, the earth will absorb the protein and amino acids back into the soil. 

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Eco-friendly packaging

When Christmas day comes around, the pretty scene of beautifully-wrapped gifts under the tree soon becomes a mountain of polystyrene and plastic waste.

We love that it's not just our amazing range of eco-friendly products that we're proud of, but all of our packaging is completely recyclable too. Packed lovingly with our beautiful recyclable tissue paper, and contained in a fully recyclable cardboard box, you can rest assured that your gift is eco-conscious in every way. 

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